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The Human Game

 "The time has come, the Walrus said, to talk of many things. Of shoes and ships and sealing wax; of cabbages and kings." This excerpt from the Lewis Carroll poem, The Walrus and the Carpenter always seems to come to mind when I have something of immense magnitude to talk about. Especially when it has a propensity to extend beyond the bounds of normalcy. Which, if I were to be totally honest about it, normalcy has never been one of my stronger attributes.

     Now, having something to say is one thing, it is altogether another to have someone voluntarily listen to what you have to say. A voice without an audience is like the tree which falls in the forest with no one there to hear it. Therefore, I thank you for being here to break the silence.

     Since the beginning of mankind, we humans have been roaming around in our human bodies, living out our physical lives from the moment we are born to the day we die. Generation after generation, the human species has continued on; living, reproducing, dying. Yet, after all this time, a critical question still remains unanswered: To what purpose? To what end? After all these milleniums, does anyone really know why we are here, or what our ultimate purpose is? 

     If we were to take a closer look at ourselves, not individually but as a whole, looking beyond the surface and deep within the works of it all; what would we find? Would we see a highly evolved, sane society, operating in full control with cause and purpose? Or would we find a still primative society operating within the effect of it's own ingorance and insanity, with no idea what it is doing; or why?    

      The truth is, we are not the wise, sane, society one would come to expect after having thousands upon thousands of years of trial and error to perfect ourselves. And even though we may have lots and lots of technilogical advances, we are still very much in our adolecence when it comes to the evolutionary growth of our mental state.


     This, of course, is not to say that there are not many wise and sane people in this world. The world is full of them. People who, if all the world were made up of people like them, would live in a peace filled society with no wars, no guns, or any need for police. Over population and planetary resource wastage would be non existent; and emotional insanities such as rage, jealousy, or depression, would be but a silly notion. 

     Unfortunately, wisdom and sanity is not the standard. For every wise and sane person we have on this planet, there are hundreds more to overshadow them. Their overwhelming numbers create a critical mass of thinking which keeps the entire human race into a state of mental conditioning, resulting in acceptance of humanity's current rationality as reality.


     Only it's not real, it is all an illusion. A perception into which we have programmed our minds into believing is real. A trip through Wonderland, if you will; with each mind creating it's own reality through it's own thoughts, desires, and choices. Even our bodies, as physically real as they may seem, are nothing more than energy in the form of atoms held together by subconscious thought. 

     To us, however, this is life. It is reality. We live it, feel it, experience it. It is all we have and all we have ever known. In every day life we do not think of ourselves as masses of energy moving from place to place; or as a mind living inside a physical body; but rather we think of our lives as our jobs, our families, our financial status, or whatever current drama happens to be taking place in our world at the moment. 

     In this, we are slaves to our own ignorance; unaware of all that we are, and what powerful things our minds are capable of creating. The good news is; ignorance is nothing more than the lack of information necessary to create a true understanding of something. Once a true understanding of something is obtained, it becomes knowledge rather than ignorance. And in knowledge there is much power. 


      The 'Human Game' is a spiritual guide into our own selves. It reaches into the deepest levels of the mind, and touches the core of who and what we are as beings. Our human existence here is simple; we are here to experience life, and to learn so we can evolve into higher beings. Our bodies allow us the gift of experiencing life physically; and our minds allow us the power of the creation of our own life. Life is neutral, it is just life. We are the ones who complicate it with our attachments, emotional insanities, and percieved realities.

     From birth we become products of our environments, and the indoctrinations we recieve from those that touch our lives; because we know no better. From these things we create our own realities, and the foundations upon which we create our lives. The Human Game teaches us how to break free from the bonds of attachments we have created for ourselves, and become more cause over our lives rather than being the effect of the world around us. 

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